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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Invitation Sunday Pass-Along Cards

Our Ward Mission Leader and the full-time missionaries asked me to help prepare 200 invitations to pass out this Sunday, in preparation for our "Invitation Sunday" next week.

Their idea is to print information on a larger sized (1" x 2 5/8") address label, then stick it to the blank area on the back of pass-along cards. The missionaries brought over 200 pass-along cards last night and I picked up a pack of 300 white stick-on address labels for about $4.50 at Walmart.

I printed this text on each label:
Please join us for Church services this
Sunday, featuring a special presentation
about the importance of families
Sunday, September 27th, 1:00pm
(I also included the address of our chapel here)

They turned out really nice. We're going to be handing them out after Sacrament meeting and in auxillaries this Sunday.

I think its helpful to have something to give when you're inviting really makes it seem less awkward...

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