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Thursday, August 27, 2009

What to expect at church (Youtube video)

This is a short (3 minute) cartoon video that explains what to expect when you attend LDS Church services. It's very well done*. I can't imagine a lot of situations when it would best say to your friends, "Well, I could tell you what to expect at church, but here is a video to watch instead!," since you could easily explain all of this yourself, but its a good reminder of what kinds of things non-members might be unsure about. This may give you an idea how you can explain things to help them to feel more comfortable. (Or if appropriate for the situation, you could share the video itself! Maybe post it on your blog or something, so friends can click on it if they're curious but don't want to come out and ask you)

I don't know who made the video, I found it posted on a blog called "A View from the Font"

*My only correction to the content of the video is that the name of the visitor/investigator/new-member Sunday School class is "Gospel Essentials" (the regular Sunday School class for adults is "Gospel Doctrine" - this was mis-stated in the video. Not a huge deal, but the video suggests that you ask where the class is, so probably wouldn't want to have people asking for the wrong class)

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