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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Trial of Faith

This is more of a personal note, instead of an idea or suggestion. We had the full-time missionaries over for dinner a few days ago, and before we left they said something about being thankful for all we do. I told them that we feel like we should be doing so much more, but I've been frustrated with recent circumstances, which we then discussed. I feel like there is so much more we can do, but our efforts have all been thwarted and I had run out of ideas of what to do next.

One of the Elders said that it sounded like a trial of faith, kindly reminding me that we are often tested and then the blessings come after the trial of our faith.

That night, only a few hours after they left our home, I began to see the proof that he was right. Several extraordinary experiences happened that evening, and multiple opportunities presented themselves, leading to a chain of events over the next few days that resulted in opportunities beyond what I'd even hoped for.

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