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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Welcome wagon update

As I mentioned in a previous post, I wanted to come up with a "welcome to the ward" packet specifically for new converts, as sort of a "welcome" gift from the ward missionaries and I've finally gotten around to doing it. We had a convert baptism last Saturday, so I was able to give away my first packet.

I got folders at Walmart for 15 cents. Inside, I included the following:
  • A personalized welcome note
  • Current ward list (printed from the ward website)
  • Frequently called numbers (created on a word document - Bishop, RS Pres, Temple, Cannery, etc)
  • "LDS Lingo" frequently used terms & definitions (created on a word document)*
  • "Common LDS Acronyms" bookmark (that I created on a word document)*
  • "Tips for feeling at home in any ward" (created on a word document)*
  • "The Articles of Faith"(available from church distribution)
  • "The Family- A Proclamation to the World"(available from church distribution)
  • "The Family Guidebook"(available from church distribution)
  • "Magazine Subscription pamphlet" (for Ensign, etc)(available from church distribution)
  • "Pure Religion pamphlet"(available from church distribution)
  • "Prepare Every Needful Thing" (food storage)(available from church distribution)
  • "Preparing to Enter the Holy Temple booklet" (available from church distribution)
  • "How Do I Start My Family History?" (available from church distribution)
  • (I will also normally include a copy of the YW Motto for women, since we recite the motto with the YW every week in Relief Society in our Ward, but this particular Sister already had a copy)
  • (You might want to include Gospel Essential manual and Relief Society/Elders Quorum manuals, if needed. In our Ward, investigators receive these items when they attend class)
All of the items that are listed as being from church distribution were ordered online and were free of charge (also free shipping). I personally ordered what I considered to be a conservative amount (10-20 of each item) for our purposes over the next year, since I don't want to run the risk that they might be wasted. Even though they are provided to members for free, they do come at a cost to the church (for printing, materials, shipping, etc), so being prudent with orders is very appropriate.

All of the *items above will be made available on this blog in the near future for use by other Ward Missionaries (or any leaders who want to do something similar in their ward).

If you have any suggestions for other items that could be included, please let me know. I've asked some of my new member & recently returned (formerly less-active) friends and they suggested some great ideas. One of them was a list of YW in the ward who are potential babysitters. We haven't had any converts with children yet, but I think I will contact the YW Presidency and see if we can put something together for when we do!

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