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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Did you have a comment?

I am so thrilled that this humble little blog has received over 3,200 page views, and has 17 followers! A little while ago, I was pondering how strange it is that I have written over 50 posts, but have never received one comment from a follower or guest viewer. Hmmmmm....could it be that no one is ABLE to comment when I have comments blocked in the blog settings?!?!?

I sincerely apologize if you have wanted to comment in the past and haven't been able to do so - all of this time I didn't realize that comments were not being allowed. I have corrected the settings and comments are now allowed on all of my blog posts. I also welcome your suggestions on any blog post topics that you'd like to see, questions that you may have, and any ward-missionary/member-missionary ideas that you'd like to share. If you're on Facebook, you can also comment or ask questions on the "Awesome ward missionaries" fan page!


  1. My name is Brandon and I am a Ward Mission Leader in Spanish Fork Utah. I've tried to comment on here before and I am relieved that finally I can. I just wanted you to know that your blog has been very helpful in my calling. There's been many ideas I have gotten from you that have benefitted my Ward in very powerful ways. Thank you so much for sharing your techniques and ideas with us. Most importantly Thank you for sharing your spirit and assisting me in spreading The Lords Gospel. I hope you and your family continue to be blessed. And I can testify that you have blessed many families here in Spanish Fork, Utah! Thank You Thank You Thank You!!!

  2. Brandon - thank you so much for your kind comment. It actually brought me to tears...I had hoped that our experiences might be able to help someone else- I'm grateful to know that we were able to help in some small way!