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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Ward Website Instructions for Converts

The following is the text for a page we attach to the Ward Directory print-out we include in the "Welcome to the Ward" packets for new converts. It describes how to register for the Ward Website, which gives the new member access to current Ward/Stake Directory, Ward/Stake calendar, etc. Feel free to use the text for your own "Welcome packets"!:

"We've printed you a copy of the current ward phone/address directory (attached) from the Ward's website. You may have already received a copy of the Stake's printed directory that is given out once a year, but the print version quickly out of date (as people move in or out of the Ward or change phone numbers, etc). The most current version of the directory is available online at the Ward's website...this directory is constantly updated as there are changes throughout the year.

How can you access the Ward's website & phone/address directory?
If you have internet, you can register for the Ward's official website at the Church's main website (under the tab "About the Church" you'll see a section called "Stake and Ward Websites"...clicking on this will take you to the log-in registration page). The Church maintains a seperate website for each Ward. You will be automatically registered for the Ward where you live.

To insure personal privacy, the phone/address directory is not accessible to the public, it is accessible only to official Ward members. Members are required to provide two pieces of identifying information to register (their Membership Record Number - also called MRN#- and their birth date). You may be able to find your MRN# on official Church documents (end-of-year tithing statement print-out, baptism certificate, etc). If you don't have it, you can ask the Ward Clerk to look it up in the computer for you (just ask anyone in the small office next to the Bishop's office on Sunday for help). Once you've registered, you can access the Ward's website (including the calendar of activities, directory, etc) any time. You can also print a new copy of the phone directory from the website anytime you want!"

For more information on our "Welcome to the Ward" Packets for new converts and what is included, see the topic section labeled "WELCOME PACKET" on the right side of this page, above the picture of people shaking hands.

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