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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Attention-Getting Invite

I was trying to think of an interesting invitation to a small new-member get-together that we're planning. We get many handouts and slips of paper at church, I figure that a lot of them get lost in the shuffle, so I thought that the activity might get more consideration if we made the invitations a little more interesting.

We decided to do a personal visit to the home of each family who is being invited to this particular get-together. I printed out invitations and then rolled them into small rolls - which I put inside helium balloons before I inflated and tied them. On the outside, we wrote, 'Special Message Inside' in permanent marker, so they would know they'd have to pop the balloon to read the invitation.

I suspected that some people wouldn't be at home, so I made sure that the balloons had long strings so that I could tie them to doorknobs. I also wrote 'from (our names)' in small letters on the bottom of the balloons, so that they would know who the balloon was from before they popped it, in case they were nervous about its origin. We went to 7 homes this afternoon and only had to tie balloons on 3 doorknobs, we got to briefly visit with someone at the other 4.

PS- If you do something like this, please be aware of anyone who may not want an inflated balloon in their home (because of rowdy dogs, small children, latex allergy) or who may have an aversion to loud noises for whatever reason. We have one new member who has a serious aversion to loud noises, so instead of a balloon, I left them this bouquet of paper flowers with an invitation inside:


  1. I came across your blog a few months ago as my husband got called to the ward mission leader. I love all your fabulous ideas!! Our ward has a lot to improve on!! We are working so hard with the full time missionaries and for some reason, we have not had ward missionaries for the past year or so!!!!! :( I enjoy your ideas so we can help the members and new members in our ward here in Southern California! Thank you!!!

  2. Thanks for your kind comments! When we first moved into this ward there weren't any ward missionaries besides the ward mission leader and there wasn't a gospel essentials sunday school class, either... As the need increased, people were called, so keep up the good work! :)